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Hybrid Cloud infrastructure is a reality for most enterprises today. IT organizations want Speed, Simplicity, Flexibility and Agility but at the same time need Trust, Visibility and Reliability. Therefore Cloud solutions must deliver a mix of operational ease and financial viability that can improve Return on Investment and improve business processes. They need to “cross-breed” the economics, flexibility, and self-service ease-of-use inherent in cloud-style computing with the more traditionally data-centre associated attributes of immensely trustworthy IT and rock-solid mission-critical suitability.

But building this hybrid cloud infrastructure is not easy, as the new infrastructure must also offer choice and control. The easiest and best way to do this is to work with an expert. Expertise makes all the difference when venturing into uncharted territory. Condo Protego can help you to build a VMWare, Microsoft or Openstack based hybrid cloud in less than a month.

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