Data Archival

The Information Age has brought a radical change in how information is created, distributed and used. Without the ability to swiftly exchange and leverage information, companies cannot stay competitive in the new globalized marketplace. This has led to huge growth of data stored in information systems which bring new operational challenges for IT departments, besides creating an additional burden on resources.

Data archivl

Further as the size of data grows in an organization, and more copies of the same data is stored multiple times on premise, hosted or cloud, it becomes increasingly important to build a flexible archiving framework to store, manage and discover content held within email and collaborative environments like Sharepoint and Fileshares. This will help reduce storage costs, simplify management and bring transparency and control to the electronic discovery process for faster resolution at a lower cost.

Condo Protego can assist customers in building an Archive Platform that not only addresses cost reduction and ease of use, but meets business and global requirements for corporate governance, regulatory compliances, risk management and legal protection.

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