Organizations in the Digital Economy are being increasingly vulnerable to data leakage. As most of the critical data becomes digital, it also is exposed to the risk of information reaching the wrong hands. Thus data privacy is an urgent need. Enterprise Data is scattered and no longer only residing in safe and secure datacentres. This brings in new challenges like:

  • How do you protect sensitive data on endpoints while complying with various regulatory and compliance mandates?
  • With so much customer and company information traveling by email, how do you ensure only authorized individuals can see this information both inside and outside company walls?
  • Collaboration and file sharing empowers your workforce, but as files multiply and travel, how do you guard against accidental or malicious exposure?

Condo Protego offers a full Encryption portfolio that provides flexible data protection through a range of offerings including endpoint, file and folder and email encryption and Integration with Data Loss Prevention solutions to deliver added protection by automatically encrypting sensitive data being moved onto removable media devices or residing in emails and files. Robust management features include individual and group key management, automated policy controls, and out-of-the-box compliance-based reporting.


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