Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In today’s connected world employees of an enterprise make thousands of interactions with the outer world, putting at risk the most critical asset – corporate data. Data Loss Prevention system protects data from loss and theft, helps comply with privacy laws and safeguarding reputation. It discovers, monitors, protects and manages confidential data wherever it’s stored and used – across endpoints, mobile devices, and network and storage systems. Key aspects of a DLP system are:

Management & reporting

Ninety percent of DLP is about what you do after you find confidential data. With DLP system, you can easily manage policies and remediation workflows, review incident snapshots, and measure risk reduction from a unified, web-based management platform.


Employees are downloading and sending confidential data while in the office, on the road or at home. DLP system monitors and protects data used on laptops and desktops, when users are on and off the corporate network.

Mobile devices

Employees are bringing their own devices to work and accessing confidential data from them, with or without permission from IT Security. In fact, a new study revealed that 2 out of 5 employees download work files to their personal smartphones and tablets. Security teams can manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies while securing confidential data.

Email & web

Email and web are two of the most common channels for data loss. A recent survey found that 50 percent of employees regularly email work files from the office to personal accounts. DLP system monitors egress points and cloud email to prevent confidential data from being exposed over network protocols.

File Shares, Databases & Document Repositories

Users are storing large amounts of confidential files on the corporate network with open access, which leaves them vulnerable to loss and theft. DLP system scans your datacenters to discover and protect confidential data stored on file shares, databases, and repositories.

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