Data Management

Data is exploding in enterprise data centers worldwide. In the Middle East although the environments are usually smaller it is not uncommon to see 50%-100% growth per year, and this creates unprecedented challenges for IT Executives responsible for managing that data. Added to this the complication of the need to meet new regulatory requirements, along with ever changing corporate initiatives to control expenditures and consolidate information technologies, and typically understaffing of IT departments to the picture, and it’s clear that IT management’s job is tough and getting tougher.

Storage Management Solutions from Condo Protego help IT executives control the effects of data growth in their organizations, offering not only products but strategic insight and practical, operational expertise to ensure that business data is manageable, protected, predictably available and recoverable.

Condo Protego Storage Management Solutions, that include Storage Management and Utilization, Design and Implementation, and Data Lifecycle Management solutions, benefit clients by providing visibility into storage environments, and identifying opportunities to align risk and cost by matching the value of data stored to assets deployed.

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