Email & File System Archiving

As the size of data grows in an organization, and more copies of the same data is stored in many different places it becomes increasingly more important to build a flexible archiving framework to enable the discovery of content held within email, file system and collaborative environments, while helping to reduce storage costs and simplifying management.

Condo Protego can assist customers with solutions that not only address cost reduction and ease of use but meet business and global requirements for corporate governance, regulatory compliances, risk management and legal protection.

Condo Protego Data Archiving Solutions is driven by the Industry’s leading Archival software and powered by, best of breed hardware solutions, including Content Addressable Storage.

In particular, with the SYMANTEC (VERITAS) KVS Enterprise Vault, we offer the following benefits: –

  • Reduced Exchange storage and cost of ownership in an archive through compression and additional single instance (to the attachment level depending on underlying storage media).
  • The automated consolidation, single instance & compression of email in PST files into a centrally managed and indexed archive repository, eliminating huge storage backup & administrative costs.
  • Cost and time reduction in the migration of information from Exchange 2003 to 2008.
  • Tamper-proof evidential retention of all Exchange / Lotus Domino email using Journaling and a process of instantly moving this content to non-changeable media as required.
  • Increased end-user productivity through the pre-indexing of all archive content including attributes, text & attachments for fast search, retrieval & future proof HTML content viewing.
  • Seamless access to archive data for mail users whether online or offline.
  • Methods of content management & sharing either tightly coupled or in collaboration with existing document management systems.

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