After a decade of offering design-led storage solutions to private and public sector companies across the region, the UAE-based IT firm, Condo Protego, has reaffirmed its commitment to offering customers world-class consultative services. Standing as one of the leading data storage and protection firms in the region, Condo Protego was established in 2005 by its Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Calthorpe, and Chief Operating Officer, Savitha Bhaskar. “We have built our reputation over the last 10 years from a start-up company, to a top-of-the-mind IT solutions provider in the market,” said Savitha. “We now hold the largest market share in the UAE when it comes to customised enterprise back-up and recovery solutions.” This achievement was only made possible through focus and determination, says Savitha. Rather than pursuing a generalist approach, the firm grew “organically”, expanding its portfolio only once it has fully developed its professional and technical capacity to do so. “We are not a reseller, but a consultative solutions provider. This means we want to offer a solution that we can support completely, from the design stage to implementation and post-sales support,” said Savitha.

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