Threat Detection and Response is a security analytics application delivered on our cloud-native platform that improves threat detection and response across your ecosystem to drive better security outcomes.
Advanced Analytics: Advanced Analytics from Secureworks is powered by threat intelligence, machine learning capabilities and deep learning algorithms to help identify and prioritize security alerts.
Investigation & Response: Our threat intelligence provides in-depth analysis of emerging threats, threat actors and their motives to uncover suspicious activity that evades security controls daily.
Community-Applied Intelligence: With the power of community-applied intelligence, knowledge is shared across our entire customer base, helping organizations to stay ahead of new attacks and achieve better results.

Why Secureworks TDR?

What does it do?

security-relevant data from endpoint, network, cloud, and business systems

• Correlates

both known and unknown threats to protect your environment from a wide range of threats

• Detects

data with relevant user and asset context to speed sense-making

• Enriches

security alerts to MITRE ATT&CK framework

• Maps

collaborative investigations

• Supports

containment and prevention actions

• Automates

Secureworks’ market-leading threat intelligence and Red Cloak endpoint agent

• Includes

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Managed Detection & Response

Rapidly improve threat detection and response times with MDR using TDR software, plus get proactive threat hunting and incident response support

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