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MessageLabs Hosted Web Security blocks web-borne virus, spyware and phishing threats and controls web traffic through URL filtering, enabling enforcement of Web acceptable use policies. Operating at the internet level, MessageLabs Web Security blocks threats before they reach your network and uses URL filtering to restrict Web access by category, user, time of day, URL, or file type. Support for roaming users extends protection and policy enforcement to employees who access the Internet from outside the corporate network.

MessageLabs Web Security is delivered with minimal latency through global network of highly available, load balanced data centers enabling fast, efficient, always-on protection without impacting the productivity of your users. Our solution is easy to deploy, easy to manage, backed by the strongest SLA in the industry, and comes with complimentary 24/7 global support delivered by SaaS specialists in 10 languages.

MessageLabs Hosted Web Security consists of two core components:

Multi-layer Security

Multiple commercial anti-spyware and anti-virus engines scan Web content for malware. These engines are continually updated by MessageLabs, ensuring accurate detection of known threats. Additionally, MessageLabs proprietary Skeptic heuristic technology guards against new and converging threats, which can target web users via other protocols such as email and instant messaging.

URL Filtering

All Web requests are checked against a sophisticated policy engine and URL categorization database to ensure appropriate content remains accessible while restricted content is carefully controlled. The policy engine is highly flexible and intuitive, enabling organizations to create policies and monitor behavior for specific users and groups.

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