UAE. Middle East-based organizations are adapting well to the ‘information generation’, one which demands more from the organizations with which it interacts than previous generations, but technology gaps remain, says regional IT consultancy, Condo Protego.

According to 2015 independent research commissioned by global storage leader, EMC, and validated by international firm, Vanson Bourne, information generation customers have four top demands: faster access to services; access on more devices; 24/7 access and connectivity; and unique personalized experiences.
Vanson Bourne surveyed 3,600 business leaders in 18 countries, to include Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Half of the respondents worked in firms with between 250-1,000 employees, and the other half worked with firms that have more than 1,000 employees.

“In our experience, those regional organizations which are adapting best to the information generation are able to redefine themselves to remain relevant in an increasingly data driven world,” says Savitha Bhaskar, COO of Condo Protego.

The EMC-backed study finds that survey respondents consider the three most important attributes, or attitudes, required for organizational success in the information generation are the ability to: predictively spot new opportunities, demonstrate transparency and trust, innovate in an agile way.

The report goes on to say that there still remains a big gap regarding big data. 49% of respondents say they know that they can get more value from data, but do not know how; only 30% say they can act on information in real time; and a paltry 24% say they are very good at turning data into useful information.

“Here in the Middle East, all organizations agree that technology has fundamentally changed the rules of business, and most will agree that megatrends are forcing organizations to adapt to the new digital world. But there still remain technology gaps in cloud, mobile, and big data strategies. And we are not seeing enough organizations recognize that enterprise storage technology is the new heart of the datacenter, as opposed to servers. Thus, we don’t see them giving storage the appropriate relevance it deserves as a strategic business accelerator,” concludes Bhaskar.

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