Storage Consolidation

One of the many benefits to be gained by implementing an Enterprise Storage solution is often to consolidate many ‘islands’ of storage that may have existed in a typical IT Data-Centre. Over the years, many times a new server or turnkey application solution has been installed, it has come with it’s own storage. Many Data-Centres therefore find themselves with many different types of storage, some old, some new, some full, some hardly used from different vendors, so no benefit can be gained from using available storage on one system when File sharing, database, and messaging applications are critical to successful enterprise operations.

System downtime, unavailable data, or hindered processes affect a company’s success. To support increasingly complex and distributed environments, many organizations are challenged with managing a growing proliferation of servers and dispersed data storage. Storage consolidation solutions simplify management, increase availability, heighten productivity, and reduce costs in collaborative environments.

Condo Protego Storage Consolidation Solutions build upon enterprise storage offerings either from Condo Protego or others. Condo Protego offer cost appropriate solutions to address Storage Consolidation needs, ranging from the most expensive critical systems in the environment to the least expensive, but carrying equally as important data, where the benefits afforded by Enterprise Storage solutions should not be excluded.

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