2016 Set to be Year For UAE SMEs to Adopt All-Flash Storage for Digital Success

EMC and Condo Protego ‘Unleash the Beast’ with XtremIO

In the UAE, over 90 percent of organizations are small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – and they face two main challenges in harnessing the power of digitization: reducing costs and driving innovation.

As many SMEs do not have the large IT budgets of multinational organizations, they rely heavily on channel partners to guide them in their digital journeys, educating their staff on the challenges, solutions and training needed to succeed.

UAE organizations are facing not only an increasing amount of data – the global amount of data is set to nearly double from 71 exabytes in 2015 to 133 exabytes in 2017, according to EMC – but also increasingly complex and new data formats that older storage solutions cannot handle.

High-performance storage should be the foundation of the digital plans of SMEs, supporting real-time analysis of data across every aspect of business, from customer interactions, to supply chain and finances. By focusing on the 1.5 percent of highest-value data, SMEs can be well on their way to driving success in the Digital Economy.

Anticipating the growing demand for high-performace storage solutions by SMEs and large enterprises alike, EMC and Condo Protego recently joined forces to host the UAE launch of the global “Unleash the Beast” tour.

Based on input from industry experts, vendors, and customers, we’re bullish that 2016 is going to be the year of all-flash solutions. All-flash solutions help solve challenges simply, expand performance and capacity, and lower the TCO.

In particular, we’re seeing strong UAE demand for EMC’s all-flash storage solution XtremIO, which can store more than six times the amount of disk-based storage, can reduce cost by 80 percent over three years, and has more than USD 1 billion in revenue as of the end of the year in 2015.

At Unleash the Beast, we saw high levels of engagement and representatives from SMEs and large enterprises asking challenging questions about all-flash and XtremIO, that demonstrated the UAE’s strong culture of early adoption of the latest solutions.

We want to unleash the power of XtremIO to help UAE businesses drive innovation and new business models and succeed in the Digital Economy. –ENDS-


By Andrew Calthorpe, CEO, Condo Protego


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