UAE Healthcare Providers Advance Digital Transformation Amid COVID-19

Mobile contact tracing apps, real-time and secure digital patient records, and new levels of tele-health checkups are among the examples of the UAE’s healthcare system rapidly digitizing amid COVID-19 to ensure patient health.

Secure, cloud-based digital platforms can help healthcare providers to optimize costs, enhance doctor and patient communication and self-care, and drive new levels of cybersecurity from the rising level of COVID-19-related cyber-threats.

Knowledgeable and experienced channel partners, like Condo Protego, can help healthcare providers to advance their digital transformation – by working together on developing business KPIs, identifying the right software solutions, and developing digital skills among staff.

We’re advising healthcare providers to take a 4-step process in their digital transformation: 1) Modernize their IT infrastructure, 2) Maintain 24/7 access to their data and automate their data management, 3) Embrace cloud-based mobile apps, and 4) Protect against cyber-attacks.

In the region, we’re seeing strong interest among healthcare providers for solutions such as Dell EMC’s connected health transformation portfolio, Veritas’ high availability solutions, VMware’s solutions that can drive innovation across any app, cloud, or device, and cybersecurity solutions from Secureworks that can protect their healthcare networks, and also to identify, contain, and eradicate cyber threats.

Healthcare technology deployments are not limited to only healthcare providers.

Pharmacies and health insurance companies can also be integrated onto the digital platforms, so that the entire healthcare ecosystem can work more efficiently – and continue to place the patient experience at the center of their activities.

With the UAE government’s healthcare spend set to top USD 21 billion by 2021, now is the time for healthcare organizations to invest in their digital transformation.

The UAE’s healthcare providers are already doing an admirable job at combatting coronavirus. They need to be prepared not for the next pandemic, and also support preventive care using technology that can help patients live healthier and longer.

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