Condo Protego Joins Secureworks Global Partner Program

Middle East organizations are facing unprecedented business and health challenges amid COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Now, as remote working and hybrid offices become cemented in the workplace, organizations now face a whole new level of threats: cybersecurity attacks ramping up and targeting their employees.

As many Middle East firms have accelerated their digital transformation amid the COVID-19 era, they have also expanded the threat surface. IT teams are now confronting an ever-growing roster of increasingly complex cyber-threats.

More than ever before, IT departments are swamped with fending off increasingly complex attacks in phishing, fake apps and maps, trojans and backdoors, crypto minders, botnets, ransomware, and spoofing of teleconference provider applications.

In order to help Middle East organizations to enhance their cyber-security, we’re proud to announce that Condo Protego has officially joined the Secureworks Global Partner Program, sharing global best practices to our customers.

In our discussions with Secureworks, we are working with Middle East organizations to take a 3-pronged approach to their cybersecurity:

  • Maintain awareness about coronavirus-related threats and train employees to recognize and report them.
  • Apply appropriate patches as soon as possible, especially for remote access technology.
  • Implement protection, detection, and remediation processes to prevent minor breaches from turning into major incidents.

Middle East organizations can leverage Secureworks’ industry-leading cybersecurity solutions — such as Adversarial Security Testing and Security Consulting to test security defenses; Incident Response, to prepare for and respond to cyber incidents; and Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response, to alert about suspicious activity.

Condo Protego’s partnership furthers our goals of becoming the Middle East’s leading cybersecurity channel partner. We are also further aligning with the Dell Technologies family of technology companies to deliver the full suite of solutions.

With the Middle East’s cyber security market is set to reach a record-high of USD 22 billion by 2022, businesses need partners who can provide modern security solutions that enable digital transformation while also protecting their data, reputation and revenue. Condo Protego and Secureworks are here to close the cybersecurity gap.

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