Bringing Blurred Lines to Focus in Information Technology

GCC Businesses will Witness Improved Product and Service Delivery as a Result of IT Vendor Specialization

Do what you excel at, and do it well. This is now the mantra for the IT industry as vendors become more focused in their strategy and zero in on what it is they do best.

Technology evolves at a remarkable pace – you can write the best piece of software, but if you don’t keep innovating, someone else will develop an even better one. This makes it crucial that vendors are constantly ahead of the curve and have a thorough understanding of evolving market demands.

And this is precisely why vendors are taking a ‘specialization’ approach, one that allows them to invest their resources in refining, cultivating, and innovating their products to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of technology.

This new business strategy enables vendors to renew their focus on their core business, raising the bar for innovation and further amplifying research and development efforts in their specific fields.

But the question remains – what does this mean for both resellers and customers alike? For one, vendor specialization will typically have a ripple effect on resellers, which will then also have to narrow their focus when it comes to the solutions they’re offering their customers.

When a single vendor offers more than one product line, partners will typically have access to the entire solution stack manufactured by that vendor regardless of the reseller’s specialization. However, when vendors specialize, this is no longer the case, and resellers will be forced to invest in building their capabilities in each of those product spectrums.

This will ultimately have a positive impact on customers because they will see more qualified professionals selling and implementing these products – in other words, improved product and service delivery. In the long-term, this could lead to better achievement of customer business goals.

As specialists in both data storage and security, our relationship with the world’s leading vendors goes back more than 10 years, and we currently hold the largest market share for customized enterprise back-up and recovery solutions. Our longstanding history puts us in a unique position when offering our diverse customers design-led solutions that cater to their specific business requirements.

One thing we know for certain through our extensive experience with customers in the region is that GCC businesses are looking to build on their competitive edge locally, regionally, and globally through the promise of technology, and IT is playing a fundamental role in shaping their strategy for success. And as vendors and resellers realize the long-term value of adopting a well-defined, focused approach to meeting customers’ evolving expectations, I believe we will soon see others following this business model.

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