Real-Time Data is Driver of IoT and Smart City Innovations at GITEX

Organizations Face Urgency in Optimizing Existing and Future Data to Boost Business Competitiveness

By Savitha Bhaskar, COO, Condo Protego

GITEX 2016 Technology Week has just started, and one of the biggest topics is how the Internet of Things is transforming daily lives and businesses in the UAE.

In line with GITEX’s theme of “Reimagining Realities,” we’re seeing a broad range of technologies — driverless cars, mobile government services, robots in factories, healthcare wearables – all moving from sci-fi fantasy to real life.

In the Digital Economy, how organizations use real-time data is the main driver for business competitiveness. Data can help cars from crashing into one another, governments to collaborate better, make factory floors safer and more efficient, and help people and healthcare providers to analyze their personal health instantly.

Dubai is at the center of Big Data innovation, with the government’s Dubai Plan 2021 aiming to make the city one of the world’s smartest and happiest over the next several years. However, many organizations are not fully prepared for the massive amount of data needed to make these initiatives a success.

For example, IDC shows that there will be a massive 44 trillion gigabytes of data from 32 billion connected things by 2020. Not all of this will be new data either – many organizations are struggling to make best use of their existing data.

Surveys show the urgency for data management. Two-thirds of organizations are planning IoT deployments, but half do not have the right data solutions in place.

That’s why at GITEX, Condo Protego is lending its support to our partner ecosystem of leading technology companies in data storage, management, and security to ensure that every UAE organization – from a small home enterprise that creates mobile apps to a large government agency or bank – has the same capabilities.

Visit leaders such as Dell-EMC and VERITAS, to learn more about how your organization can optimize cloud-based data solutions to reduce costs, scale up, and deliver new streams of revenue – and make your customers smarter and happier. See you in the halls!

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