UAE Leverages AI to Crack the Code of Business Competitiveness

Aiming to position itself as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the UAE has continued to accelerate laying the foundation of an AI-powered society.

It should come as no surprise that the UAE leads the region in terms of AI development. The UAE marked a watershed moment in establishing the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence back in 2017, and has rolled out academic institutes dedicated to AI research and development at several universities in the country, and launched initiatives such as the recent Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031.

As a result, the Gulf country’s efforts have contributed greatly to the Middle East and Africa’s AI market, which according to IDC, is poised to grow by an impressive 83 percent, from the current USD 290 million to reach USD 530 million by 2022.

So where is the majority of UAE’s investment in AI going, and how can you join in?

Well, there are several industries exploring use case applications for the technology. While the UAE government focuses on enhancing the performance of its services, other sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and logistics are looking to AI to transform their operations and reach new levels of efficiency.

Yet while many are excited at the prospect of an AI-powered future, a lot of work is needed to prepare organizations in really capitalising on the opportunity.

The true power of AI can only be achieved if there is a massive store of data. Thinks of uses such as national health records, vehicles’ GPS data, or stock market trades. Organisations also need the massive computational power to analyse the information and derive meaningful insights.

Complete solution packages such as Dell Technologies’ ‘Ready for AI’ offering combines the on-premise hardware — workstations, servers, and storage — along with the analytics software and services needed to put an AI platform to good use. As AI infrastructure is not something that can be readily introduced overnight, forward-thinking organizations aiming to be part of a future AI-powered ecosystem best get cracking on their digital transformation with trusted channel partners.

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