UAE Smart Cities Harness Power of CCTV to Enhance Quality of Life

Walking in Abu Dhabi, nearly every shop, building, and street has CCTV cameras installed. This should come as no surprise – UAE Vision 2021 aims to reinforce citizen security and the UAE is one of the world’s safest countries.

This should come as no surprise – CCTV has long been essential to preventing crime and enhancing safety and security, and the UAE ranks as one of the world’s safest countries.

However the UAE is now leading an innovative shift in strategy for CCTV – with video surveillance now one of the key strategic uses for Smart Cities.

For example, the Abu Dhabi government recently launched the Falcon Eye program, where CCTV cameras mainly installed across streets and highways are being used to manage traffic, and help authorities enhance their response to emergencies.

Traffic management is just one of many uses of CCTV in Smart Cities – they can also help to manage crowds at mega-events such as Expo 2020, concerts, or sporting events, and also to manage waste disposal after the events.

As a result, the UAE is a Middle East leader in using CCTV, alongside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The UAE’s video surveillance market is set to post rapid growth to reach USD 200 million by 2021, and the wider Middle East market to reach USD 1.8 billion, according to research firm 6Wresearch.

Still, recording the video is not enough. Public and private sector organizations that use CCTV need to be able to store, analyze, and protect the video recordings. With the quality and length of time increasing for CCTV, organizations are hard-pressed to find the robust and scalable storage solutions that can optimize video surveillance.

In anticipation, we’re seeing strong regional demand for Dell-EMC Video Surveillance Solutions, which provide a purpose-built storage platform with solutions such as Isilon and VSS for the massive scale-out video surveillance storage and analytics needs that are vital to organizations.

As a trusted systems integrator for many government agencies, we know that not one size fits all for CCTV deployments. Together, we can help your organization discover which storage solutions best meet your business and Smart City needs – and ensure that citizens have strong protection and advanced services.

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