UAE’s Connected Theme Parks Transform the Visitor Experience

Seemingly overnight, the UAE’s theme parks market is blossoming from smaller county fair-style theme parks to massive billion-dollar themed amusement parks, with local operators joining forces with major global brands.

Soon, visitors who step into any of these will be stunned by the technological innovations – from smart digital wristbands for ordering concessions, dynamic pricing, and mobile apps for sharing experiences in real-time. On the back end, organizers are using real-time analytics to enhance safety and security.

Dubai, in particular, is at the forefront of using the smart theme park visitor experience to drive tourism numbers, with the Dubai government aiming to attract 20 million visitors per year by 2020. The UAE could even hit 30 million visitors by 2021.

What makes the smart theme park visitor experience run so smoothly is the underlying technological infrastructure. As visitors expect theme park operators to optimize their mobile devices, third platform technologies such as Big Data analytics, data storage, and mobile apps are more important than ever.

Emerging immersive innovations such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and holograms will continue to consume massive amounts of bandwidth and data.

Optimizing their technology infrastructure for this massive data increase is vital for UAE theme park operators. With our in-depth experience in working with numerous theme parks in driving their digital transformation, Condo Protego is the ideal partner of choice for theme parks.

In particular, we’re seeing strong demand among theme parks for the latest Dell EMC converged infrastructure. Using converged infrastructure, theme parks can have the latest modern data center infrastructure, which can scale up networking, storage, virtualization, and cloud-native applications. Theme parks can also quickly and easily backup their data – such as CCTV camera footage.

With the UAE being the world’s fastest-growing market for theme park visitor spend, set to increase 6-fold to 2020, theme parks need to differentiate now on the smart visitor experience using the latest technology solutions.

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