UAE’s Workforce Transformation Swaps the Cubicle for Mobile Employees

Gone are the days of employees working 8-hour shifts solely from the confines of their assigned workstation.

The demands of modern business and the advent of digitalisation has forced a transformation of sorts across the global workforce, its effects reaching organizations in the UAE as well.

According to the latest findings by Research and Markets, the global workforce transformation market is set to reach an impressive USD 24 billion by 2023.

To tackle this emerging trend, many businesses in the UAE have begun to invest heavily in mobile devices, virtualisation, and security, to enable their respective workforces to access key systems and processes externally.

Whether working from the comforts of home, at the office, or on-the-go, the adoption of digital technology has enabled employees to do their jobs remotely, and in some cases, even more efficiently.

An insightful report from Forrester found that at least 75 percent of the world’s information professionals agree that workforce transformation have wide-reaching benefits. Workforce transformation can help to deliver improved customer service, revenue growth, and decision-making, and at the same time help to reduce costs.

The workforce transformation trend has drawn widespread interest from UAE enterprises towards working with trusted channel partners in adopting the right technologies. For example, VMware Workspace ONE is an integrated digital workspace platform designed for mobile device management, which can complement purpose-built enterprise devices offered by Dell Technologies.

While the trend of Bring Your Own Device continues to be continuing, UAE organisations would do well to provide their workforces with devices that have been tailored to meet the business’ needs and coupled with the right level of security.

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