What’s New in NetBackup 8.1

A quick summary of the latest update

Last month I attended Veritas Vision and got a glimpse of the new features available in NetBackup 8.1 (subsequently released on 26/09/2017). The 8.1 release includes enhancements to existing options including security, MSDP, and VMware, as well as new capabilities in protecting next generation workloads, and efficient backup to cloud. Let’s take a look at each of the new features in more detail.

  • Secure communication – From NetBackup 8.1 onwards, hosts can only communicate with each other in secure mode. In flight communications will be authenticated using certificates and encrypted with TLS. This means the data channel is encrypted, not the data. NetBackup clients or servers running version 8.0 or lower can be configured to use insecure communications.
  • Cloud Catalyst – If you’re looking at storing your backups in the cloud you need to implement this feature. Cloud Catalyst is a deduplication storage server that receives backup data and first caches it locally and then sends the optimized data stream to a supported cloud storage provider such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure. The cloud catalyst server can be configured on a NetBackup Appliance or an MSDP media server.
  • Accelerator for Isilon MSDP – Previously available for NetApp filers only, this features enables faster backups of an Isilon Filer by only backing up changed data after completing the initial full backup. Changed data is combined with previously backed up data to create a full backup image. The feature is supported on OneFS 7.1, OneFS 7.2, and OneFS 8.0.
  • VMware enhancements – Ever wanted to include or exclude specific vmdk’s from a VMware backup? Now you can. Ever wanted to restore only a specific vmdk to the same or different server? Now you can.
  • New workload and database support – The parallel streaming framework is built on a scale-out architecture that allows multiple streams to be sent to a media server. The parallel streaming framework provides support for BigData, Opensoure RDBMS and NoSQL workloads.

For the full list of features and enhancements, please follow the link to the NetBackup 8.1 release notes below.

NetBackup 8.1 Release Notes

by Riaan Badenhorst, riaan@condoprotego.com

 Riaan is our Data Protection and High Availability Solution architect, Veritas Evangelist, Cloud Enthusiast, and all round Problem solver.

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