World Government Summit Showcases UAE’s E-Government Potential

From flying cars, to managing healthcare services and food waste, the recent World Government Summit in Dubai brought together the world’s top government leaders and innovators to demonstrate the power of technology to solve problems, drive innovation-led economic growth, and citizen happiness.

It’s no coincidence that such a powerful global platform for government innovation is being held in the UAE – as the country ranks as one of the top in the world in using e-government services, driven by UAE Vision 2021 national transformation agenda.

Thanks to the UAE’s real-time online and mobile platforms, the United Nations recently pegged the country among the world’s Top 30 in e-government effectiveness, and the top in the Middle East and Africa for online service delivery.

Behind the high-profile news announcements, the UAE government’s visionary leadership understands that government agencies now need to interact with users in the same way that customers interact with private sector companies.

Citizens expect government services at anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device. This could mean renewing passports via mobile apps, video conferencing and scanning construction documents and permits, and digital healthcare records. This means much less waiting in lines, and greater citizen ownership over their own digital files that be shared with who they want and when they want.

We’re seeing strong demand among Middle East and UAE government agencies in replacing manual processes with digital cores. Channel partners play a vital role in providing the secure and scalable storage, hybrid cloud, and security solutions, the on-the-ground expertise, and guiding long-term digital transformation strategies.

Showing the cost savings potential for e-government services, Denmark, a country with a similar GDP and population to the UAE, recently saved USD 215 million using e-government services.

The UAE’s e-government drive similarly presents a strong opportunity to cut costs, support long-term sustainable growth – and ultimately make citizens, residents, and visitors happier.


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